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With the drama set entirely inside three different hotel rooms, its theatrical origins are difficult to disguise, but any attempt to broaden the scope purely to feel more notionally cinematic would surely have fatally deflated its claustrophobic chamber-piece tension.

Its sincere grappling with issues of fame and sexuality lends a topical urgency to a generally absorbing indie that raises the curtain with appropriate flair on the Flare London LGBT Film Festival.

I think a lot of teens do this – do you think Rae’s age has anything to do this, or is it something we all need to watch out for?

SR: It’s true what they say – you always take it out on the people you love the most, and Rae’s obviously a teenager so she’s got all these hormones and emotions, and then she’s got her illness on top of all that.

Wearing only tight underwear and a mocking smile, Jason banters ambiguously with his rival, whose attempts to respond in kind are undercut by a sweet insistence on taking everything a little more sincerely than Jason.

Christie is believed to have murdered at least eight women at his home in 10 Rillington Place, Ladbroke Grove.

His victims included Timothy Evans’s wife Beryl and their baby daughter, Geraldine, who lived in the same building as the killer.

They said: “She recalled to us how she and her sister spoke up to the police after Christie and Ethel gave them conflicting accounts of Beryl and Tim’s whereabouts but that the police weren’t interested in taking their statements.

“Christie was accused of the murders on the stand as he delivered his evidence against Tim.

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