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"I have spent a lot of time in hospitals since you attacked me, repairing injuries to my body," the teen wrote in a victim impact statement read at Hudson's sentencing hearing in December 2016. She spent three days in hospital with a concussion and facial injuries.To use this website, cookies must be enabled in your browser.

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In her video clip she talks about how this magazine, which according to her has a target audience of 11-17-year-old “children,” is printing a variety of sex articles.

As this woman brought home her defiance and hatred, not only for the magazine, but also for the editors who printed such “garbage,” I couldn’t help but notice that with each page this woman ripped from the magazine issue and flung into the fire repeating how the articles were filthy garbage, it became quite clear… Besides, how unfair is it as parents to want our offspring to excel in life, yet when it comes to the subject of sex, an act that will become a constant in their life, we don’t want them to have the facts?! It provides many healing and medicinal properties, and let’s not kid ourselves… Everything from masturbation, to oral sex, to vaginal sex and yes, even anal sex have the world of science backing its benefits.

If the medicinal side wasn’t awesome enough, just look at the empathy and love created when we have the opportunity to bond with ourselves and others on an intimate level.

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