Avg antivirus not updating

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My Thoughts on AVG Anti Virus Free I really like AVG Anti Virus Free.

It was easy to install and has all the features you'd expect from any antivirus program you'd pay for.

It's completely free and can easily replace any antivirus program you have on your computer right now.

Note: AVG Anti Virus's installer may try to make browser changes or install an unnecessary toolbar.

When you download and run online installer file for Free AVG, ‘AVG Protection‘, means AVG Internet Security with AVG Zen will be installed, click on ‘Custom installation’ and select ‘Basic Protection’ to install the free version and follow the instructions on the screen.

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This means that AVG Anti Virus Free can completely replace antivirus software from companies like Mc Afee and Norton that charge for their software and for yearly access to updates.option if you'd like to prevent this from happening.Just click the link below to download AVG Anti Virus Free.The AVG Social Networking Protection feature activates upon installation.As you surf the internet, AVG will prevent you from landing on a site that looks suspicious.

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