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At one time this would be done only through webcams or professional camera to computer setups.

These days some people may think about video sex chat as using their phone or tablet's camera – video cybersex with other people using facetime through iphones.

The beach location was pretty much a picture postcard tropical paradise complete with sand, surf, socializing and if I was lucky some sucking and swallowing.

The best part of this location was diving off the dock and making a big splash in my designer butt floss.

This is more of a cozy casual hanging out and blowing passers-by kind of scene.

I started out in my swanky apartment overlooking an exotic Rio-esque location.

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Some people think of text chat rooms where you find other people to talk about sex is cyber sex, and we agree.

There was an inviting hot tub on the balcony just begging to be christened with eager glistening bodies.

The lighting and rendering in my little home space was warm, rich and as realistic as any AAA game experience. Seriously, you can move shit around and the lighting and shadows change in real-time. After placing all the furniture just so, I decided to venture forth to one of the more sociable locations.

We have had some pretty hot textual cybersex with people from around the world in our free text chat rooms.

Some people think of cyber sex as watching and or being watched via live video through the internet.

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