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Many of you may have run across it inadvertently while flipping the channels and stuck around because of the familiar cast, only to lose touch as the series progressed from vignette to vignette.It's a cute program, and after the first episode, I'd already begun to add it to my mental list of Cancelled Too Soon shows (it's not officially cancelled, but it will be).There was the TV writer, the sports writer, the screenwriter and the entertainment investor (this is LA, after all). Actually, saying it was traumatic is like saying the Empire State Building is tall.There was the hot-nerdy computer consultant who seemed to have an aversion to picking restaurants (I chose both the first and second date locations). It was, without hyperbole, the single worst experience of my entire life.You are suddenly informed that you are actually a princess of ninja origin.Engage in heated battles for the survival of the ninjas, while also enjoying sweet romance with handsome ninjas!! Seductive Asian babe in babe and flaunting her arousing nude body in front of the camera, and seducing her partner, and waiting to get her twat get pounded hard and deep with white hard cock.

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