Updating a view sql server cheap adult dating

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Any modifications, including UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE statements, must reference columns from only one base table.There is a workaround for this using INSTEAD OF of triggers as long as you can manage your base table structure.

A view contains rows and columns, just like a real table.If the view is updateable (not all views are) the updates are applied to the table data.If you forget this in the future, you can always right click on the view in SQL Server Management Studio and select 'Modify' this will give you the current query, with the correct syntax for altering it.Additionally, inserting data is prohibited for the following types of views: There are so many caveats on inserting through a view, that I personally find it simpler to insert directly to the tables.After all,you still have to look up what fields go to what table in order to comply with rules and if you know that there is no reason not to directly update or insert the table.

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